Hi, I'm Chris Kiklas

I am a transformational, goal-oriented Product Executive with extensive leadership experience in Product Management, International Operations, Service, Support, Marketing, Sales, and Project Management.

Using big-picture perspective, process optimization, and proper motivation techniques, I help people and companies solve complex problems, refine their vision, and unlock potential they may not have known existed.

The way we think about work is fundamentally broken.

With some exceptions, people generally consider work a means of survival. We have a list of things we need to live: food, shelter, transportation, entertainment. We check all the necessary boxes, then use our time away from work to “escape” the hampster wheel we created for ourselves.

Changing Our Views on Work

We focus on getting through life rather than truly experiencing it.

What if things could be different?  What if every one of us found purpose in how we earned money?  What if, instead of surviving and looking to fulfill those base needs, we looked towards a higher goal, something we were driven to accomplish?

I aim to change how we think about work and our purpose in life.

My goal is to help create a world where each of us experiences joy and passion in our work.  A world where we seek and find (and sometimes make!) a vocation that compliments our personal life purpose while providing the funds we need to explore our deepest passions. 

There is more to life than cycles of meaningless work and escape.

It is possible to experience a shift in work and life with a single conversation. The challenge is keeping that conversation alive with our vision and passion at the forefront. The more we have these conversations about work and what matters, the more we can realize change.

My passion is to transform the world by revolutionizing our approach to work.

Conversations, research, exploration, openness, transparency, products, and innovation will all lead us to a new future of work.

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