Hi, I’m Chris Kiklas

I am a bold leader for transformation, and an author and coach with extensive leadership experience in Operations, Service, Support, Marketing, Sales, and Project and Product Management.

Using big picture perspective, process optimization, and sound motivation techniques, I help people and companies solve complex problems, refine their vision, and unlock potential they may not have known was there.

My passion is to transform the world by revolutionizing our approach to work.







About Wanting

What do you want?

Someone once asked me, “What do you want?” It came as an unexpected question. All I could think of were things I had heard other people say all of my life: A nice place to live, a nice car, a decent job, and enough money to enjoy my time.

“No, those are things everyone wants. What do you want?” I struggled with that. The discomfort of not really being able to answer this question authentically prompted a transformation in my life.

I started giving more of my time to others. I began putting community projects together that made a difference. And, I started to see a purpose take shape in my world and my work.

Along the way, the people I met that also wanted big things seemed happier. They were fulfilled in all areas of their lives. They brought the passion they had for what they wanted to their work and home lives. They became part of organizations that had real direction that inspired great loyalty. They were complete.


Get Rich on Fifty!

Rich on Fifty is a book and set of resources designed to help you start and run your own investment club. It doesn’t matter how much, or how little, you know about the stock market, we will help you get up and running and provide you with a roadmap to getting things started. Investment clubs are a great way to learn about money, your finances, the stock market and your friends.

Pick up your copy today, and let’s get started

The Reviews are In!

We could talk for *days* about us, but we thought you’d rather see what other folks had to say after having read Rich on Fifty.

“Rich on Fifty” presents a clear, interactive, easy-to-understand and guided path to 1. determining whether starting an investment club is right for you and 2. establishing a comprehensive foundation for your club (all the bits and pieces needed to actually form a club are discussed).

Ruth W.

This is a great tool for first time and hesitant investors! The step by step chapters give the reader an easy to follow workbook on stock purchasing in a fun and comprehensive way. The explanations and personal accounts add much to the dialog and take a lot of fear out of the equation! Nothing dry or boring unlike so many “how-to” books…..read it, do the homework, get your friends together and start building your portfolio!

Maureen H.

If you are interested in starting an investment club, THIS IS THE BOOK!! It is easy to read, easy to follow, easy to reference and entertaining. This is an authentic cookbook with a tried and true recipe for creating a successful investment club. I wish I would have read this book in my 20’s.

Connie G.

What People are Saying About Chris

Mans A.D. Tumanda, LLB MBA

General Management | Government Relations | Legal Advisory | Techpreneurship Chris is truly an inspirational leader. I got to know him when I made a career decision to choose a boss and not a company, a mentor and not any particular industry. Chris is detail-oriented but never loses sight of the bigger picture. His situational awareness is exceptional, social skills are top-notch and his problem-solving prowess is both enviable and constructively processual – one I try to emulate as much as I can. As a direct report to him, it is hard to imagine a more ideal superior than Mr. Kiklas.

Ravil Desai

Entrepreneur | Technology Executive | Consultant | Blockchain | Software Products | Mobile | Web | Startups Chris is a very talented and multifaceted individual. He has skills to manage general administration, finance, accounting, product support, professional services, operations, marketing, business development, sales, product management, product development and investor relationships for a startup companies.

Lynn Thompson, MBA

Vice President at Curo Compensation I have worked with Chris for many years. He is a natural leader with an incredible ability to motivate. Chris has a great sense of humor and makes work fun! And, as his manager, he made me look good!

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