HCM Resources



Online Resources

  1. “The State of HCM: Key Trends and Insights” – This whitepaper by Deloitte explores the latest trends and innovations in the HCM industry, including the rise of digital HR solutions, the importance of employee well-being, and the need for more agile and flexible HR practices.
  2. “The Power of Employee Engagement: A Comprehensive Guide”– This ebook by Culture Amp provides practical tips and strategies for improving employee engagement, including how to measure engagement, how to create a culture of feedback, and how to build a recognition and rewards program.
  3. “Building a High-Performing Team: A Guide for Leaders”– This whitepaper by LinkedIn provides insights into what makes a high-performing team and how to build one, including the importance of psychological safety, diversity, and communication.
  4. “The Future of Work: How Technology is Changing the Workplace” – This article by Forbes discusses the impact of technology on the workplace, including the rise of automation, artificial intelligence, and remote work.
  5. “The Psychology of Change: Why People Resist Change and How to Overcome It”– This ebook by Prosci provides strategies for managing change in the workplace, including how to communicate change effectively, how to build a change management team, and how to measure the success of change initiatives.
  6. “Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace: A Guide for Leaders” – This whitepaper by McKinsey & Company explores the benefits of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and provides guidance for leaders on how to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace culture.
  7. “The Rise of the Gig Economy: How to Manage Freelancers and Contractors” – This article by Harvard Business Review discusses the challenges and opportunities of the gig economy and provides tips for managing freelancers and contractors effectively.
  8. “HR Technology Landscape: What’s New and What’s Next”– This report by Bersin by Deloitte provides an overview of the latest HR technology trends and innovations, including how AI, machine learning, and blockchain are transforming HR practices.
  9. “The Business Case for Work-Life Balance: How It Can Improve Productivity and Retention” – This article by Inc. discusses the benefits of work-life balance for employees and businesses, including improved productivity, engagement, and retention.
  10. “Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace: Why It Matters and How to Develop It”– This ebook by TalentSmart explores the importance of emotional intelligence for leaders and provides tips for developing it, including how to improve self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills.
  11. “The Value of Talent Management: A Comprehensive Guide” – This article by SHRM discusses the importance of talent management and provides practical tips for implementing it, including how to develop a talent strategy, how to attract and retain top talent, and how to measure the ROI of talent management.
  12. “Remote Work: Best Practices for Managers and Employees”– This guide by Zapier provides tips and strategies for managing remote teams effectively, including how to establish clear communication channels, how to build trust, and how to maintain work-life balance.
  13. “The Benefits of Employee Recognition and Rewards Programs” – This article by Forbes explores the benefits of recognition and rewards programs for employees and businesses, including improved employee engagement, retention, and productivity.
  14. “The Role of HR in Driving Business Success” – This whitepaper by PwC explores the role of HR in driving business success and provides insights into how HR can add value to the business, including by improving talent management, employee engagement, and workforce analytics.
  15. “The Future of HR: Trends and Predictions for 2021” – This article by SHRM discusses the latest HR trends and predictions for the future, including the increasing importance of HR technology, the need for more diverse and inclusive workplaces, and the role of HR in driving organizational agility and innovation.
  16. “The Importance of Employer Branding: A Guide for HR Leaders” – This whitepaper by LinkedIn explores the importance of employer branding and provides tips for building a strong employer brand, including how to define your company culture, how to create an employee value proposition, and how to measure the impact of your employer branding efforts.
  17. “Mental Health in the Workplace: Strategies for Leaders”– This article by Harvard Business Review discusses the importance of mental health in the workplace and provides strategies for leaders to support their employees, including how to create a culture of psychological safety, how to provide mental health resources and support, and how to reduce stigma around mental health.
  18. “The Benefits of Performance Management: How to Improve Employee Performance and Productivity”– This article by the Society for Human Resource Management explores the benefits of performance management and provides tips for implementing it effectively, including how to set clear goals and expectations, how to provide regular feedback and coaching, and how to measure and evaluate performance.
  19. “The Top HR Challenges Facing Businesses Today” – This report by The Conference Board discusses the top HR challenges facing businesses today, including the need to attract and retain top talent, the increasing importance of diversity and inclusion, and the need to develop more agile and flexible HR practices.
  20. “HR Metrics and Analytics: A Comprehensive Guide” – This ebook by BambooHR provides an overview of HR metrics and analytics and how they can be used to improve HR practices and drive business success, including how to identify the right metrics to track, how to use data to inform HR decisions, and how to build a data-driven HR culture.