Someone once asked me, “What do you want?” It came as an unexpected question. All I could think of were things I had heard other people say all of my life: A nice place to live, a nice car, a decent job, and enough money to enjoy my time.

“No, those are things everyone wants. What do you want?” I struggled with that. The discomfort of not really being able to answer this question authentically prompted a transformation in my life.

I started giving more of my time to others. I began putting community projects together that made a difference. And, I started to see a purpose take shape in my world and my work.

Along the way, the people I met that also wanted big things seemed happier. They were fulfilled in all areas of their lives. They brought the passion they had for what they wanted to their work and home lives. They became part of organizations that had real direction that inspired great loyalty. They were complete.

The more I explored what I wanted, the more satisfied I was with life.

I want all children to have access to books to expand their world. I want no one to be hungry. I want a better world for everyone. All of the work that I have done in the service of these lofty goals has added profound joy and meaning to my life.

My work as a coach is now an extension of those goals. By helping you find meaning in your work and fulfilling to your life purpose, I am expanding my impact and living my passion.

The way we think about work is fundamentally broken.

With some exceptions, people generally look at work as an means of survival. We have a list of things we need to live: food, shelter, transportation, entertainment. We check all of the necessity boxes, then use our time away from work to “escape” the hamster wheel that we have created for ourselves.

We focus on getting through life, rather than truly experiencing it.

What if things could be different? What if every single one of us found purpose in the way we earned money? What if, instead of surviving and looking to fulfill those base needs, we instead looked towards a higher goal, something that we were driven to accomplish?

I aim to change the way we think about work and our purpose in life.

My goal is to help create a world where each of us experiences joy and passion in our work. A world where we seek and find (and sometimes create!) a vocation that compliments our personal life purpose while providing the funds we need to explore our deepest passions.

Do you sense there is more to life than cycles of meaningless work and escape?

It is possible to experience a shift in work and life with a single conversation.